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Current Board


Top Row: Maille Flynn (Director of Social Affairs), Regina Kim (Director of Finance),
Ethan Grinberg (Director of Finance), Vivasvaan Raj (Director of Professional Development),
Ananya Ravikumar (Director of Professional Development), Emily Roshan (Director of Public Relations)

Middle Row: Devmini Wimalasena (Director of Community Service), Naomi Lin (Secretary)

Bottom Row: Sofia Sabra (External Vice President), Denise Enrique (President), Justin Choo (Internal Vice President)

Not Pictured: Cristopher Espino (Director of Community Service), Maddie Crume (Director of Social Affairs)

2022 - 2023

ALDPES Fall 2022-05.jpg

Top Row: Naomi Lin (Director of Professional Development), Justin Choo (Secretary), Sofia Sabra (Director of Social Affairs), Zack Rodriguez (President),
Jordan Kaplan (Director of Social Affairs), Ethan Grinberg (Director of Public Relations), Ashley Kim (Director of Finance), Christian Yun (Director of Professional Development)

Bottom Row: Tessa Aguilar (Internal Vice President), Marola Hanna (Director of Community Service), Tiffany Chan (External Vice President), Jesus Gonzales (Director of Community Service), Denise Enrique (Director of Public Relations),
Emily Roshan (Director of Public Relations), Sydney Woo (Director of Finance)


Top Row: Zackary Rodriguez (Treasurer), Christopher Fu (Secretary),
Nneoma Onyekwere (Creative Designer), Isabella Valenzuela (Membership Outreach Chair), & Christian Yun (Community Service Chair)

Middle Row: Jesus Gonzalez (Professional Development Chair),
Rebecca Phelan (President), Shaelyn Hawkins (Social Chair),
Ashley Kim (Social Chair), & Alyssa Chew (Scholarship Chair)

Bottom Row: Megan Yu (Internal Vice President), Himani Parikh (External Vice President), Denise Enrique (Membership Outreach Chair), &
Tiffany Chan (Professional Development Chair) 
Not pictured: Tatiana Zinn (Community Service Chair)


Group Photo.jpg


All Board 2018 - 2019

2017 - 2018

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